Warning! This repository is no longer maintained.

The latest version of the datasets (including the evaluation landmarks), supplementary materials are now available at the long-term repository Zenodo:

Competition Results

Documentation and tools

Tools and Software

ReadLogFile.m: Tool to open, process and represent the logfiles


IPIN 2016 Competition - UAH Building

Jun 16th 2016 - The archive was fixed. Route 2 logfiles contained the POSI landmanks from Route 1.

IPIN 2016 Competition - UJI-TI Building

IPIN 2016 Competition - UJI-UB Building

June 14th 2016 - The archive was fixed. All files have been regenerated.

May 23rd 2016 - The archive was fixed. Route 3 logfile contained the data from Route 1 normal.

IPIN 2016 Competition - Evaluation logfiles with ground truth

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